Bc Election final day

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Election update 


Despite the Covid 19 Pandemic, snap elections were announced by the NDP Premiere John Horgan. As the election was announced people had mixed feelings as the economy had severe setbacks, BC a known hub of small businesses had severe problems in the pandemic.

Covid 19 devastated the process of campaigning as social distancing was in effect. Door knocking, rallies, gatherings at community places were not on the list. Some sources though revealed that some candidates were caught red handed trying door knockings. In addition to it mail in ballots were ordered in huge numbers. As this article is being written so far 60 percent of the mail ballots were declared to be received for counting. 

As per the statistics provided by Elections BC 3485828 voters were registered in BC till September 26 2020. Moreover this election had 7 days of advance polling. On the first day and the last day of advance polling the numbers were above 110000, and the in between the average was 80000.

On the flip side as the Covid 19 2nd wave was announced in BC, the average corona cases on a daily basis are crossing 200. This will have a negative effect on voter turnout as people tend to stay home, while addressing to our queries Baljit Grewal (Distt. Electoral Officer) mentioned that the ballots sent to the voters are very light so while filling out the form people tend to change their mind and vote at the polling stations. The elections results would have been a lot quicker if the number of mail in ballots were less. 

What’s happening on Ground level

We went to 6 different polling stations just to get the vibe of voting trends in different constituencies. As it was a chilly Saturday morning no lineups were seen outside the polling stations. As the weather was sunny and gusty winds blew. Polling stations’ parking lots were found empty, though it is expected that voters might show up in the evening.

Candidates in last hour

We reached candidates of liberal party and no response came from them, NDP leaders though seemed pretty optimistic about the results. The answers are resting with time right now. Lets see the change in battleground at the end of today.

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