BC’s Okanagan region witnesses 15 new wildfires after lightning

Okanagan region reports wildfires. (BC Wildfire Service)
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VANCOUVER, AUGUST 1: The British Columbia Wildlife Services on Saturday confirmed 15 new wildfires in the Okanagan region. A lightning storm that passed from the region has resulted in the wildfires. Officials are continuously monitoring and assessing the reports of wildfire.

The BC Wildlife Services said, “Holdover fires from lightning may continue to arise throughout the heat of the day as we continue to experience hot and dry conditions. At this time, there are no fires of note.”

According to information, the Solco Creek wildfire, which is situated approximately 27 km northeast of Oliver, is witnessing the largest fire at present in the province.

Besides 41 personnel, three helicopters and 1 piece of heavy equipment have been pressed into service to control wildfires.

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