Indian Auto Expo, Exhibitors Cancel due to Corona Virus

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Corona Virus spread is not only affecting Chinese Auto Sector, the back draws of virus is giving hard time to the auto shows taking place world wide since the breakout.

Recently launched Auto Expo India 2020 is having hard time to maintain its dignity in Indian car enthusiast as 293 Chinese Delegates cancelled to show up in the due to the corona virus widespread in China.

The Corona Virus in China only has killed hundreds of people and more than 24000 cases have been seen globally.

Chinese Companies cancelling on Auto Expo 2020 at last minute had made the arrangements of the event soar. To curb this some Chinese companies India official are trying to sail the boat until this matter is resolved. While the Auto Industry in China is lowering since the epidemic broke out shutting the backbone cities of china.

China might find its way back in global auto sector soon after they curb the epidemic, but in the meantime Auto Expo 2020 will have to cross the green flag without Chinese companies this year.

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