Man dead after roadside arrest where RCMP said a Taser was used

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A representative for the B.C. Free Investigations Office told media late Wednesday evening that it is vague if Clayton Donnelly was even hit by the led vitality weapon that Sicamous RCMP said a part sent during the capture.

The IIO keeps on examining and meeting all individuals engaged with the occurrence.

The Original Incident

An Okanagan family is frantic for answers after their child kicked the bucket following a police occurrence in which the man was supposedly stifled by a directed vitality weapon after a traffic stop early Monday.

The group of the 38-year-elderly person, which distinguished him as Clayton Donnelly, says he spent away on Tuesday evening, including medicinal authorities revealed to them the reason for death was heart failure.

The family likewise says CPR was performed on him for an hour and a half after his capture.

Donnelly had no past heart issues, as indicated by the family, which wouldn’t like to be distinguished as of now.

The B.C. Autonomous Investigations Office (IIO) affirmed the man’s demise on Wednesday.

Later in the day, the IIO expressed it was uncertain of what job, assuming any, any taser played in Donnelly’s demise.

“He was somebody’s child, sibling and uncle,” the family revealed to Global News. “We do need equity for him.”

“He spent away calmly yesterday evening encompassed by family.”

Donnelly’s family has mentioned protection and is requesting that general society give them space to lament.

The man’s family advised media they were called to go to a B.C. Inside emergency clinic on Monday morning, and were informed that their child was engaged with an auto collision.

The family says they got some answers concerning the supposed episode that prompted him being shipped to emergency clinic through media reports.

On Tuesday morning, Sicamous RCMP conveyed an official statement about a sporadic driver who was quelled with a directed vitality weapon.

While being bound, police said the man went into restorative misery.

The family said they were unconscious of the police occurrence or the utilization of a led vitality weapon on their child until finding out about it from media.

His dad told media he accepts the utilization of a Taser was pointless, yet accepts the examination concerning the issue will help offer them the responses they are edgy for.

“These weapons must not be utilized!” the dad underlined in his short articulation.


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